Startup name
Phone number
Please provide your company website and social media accounts here
Please explain your startup in one sentence
How did you hear about LDN_LAB?
In 3 to 5 sentences, what is the social or environmental problem you're trying to solve and for whom?
What's your experience or knowledge of the problem as a team?
What's your solution to the problem?
How is technology core to your solution?
How do you measure the impact of your solution on the problem?
What have been your biggest milestones to date?
We're looking for seed-stage startups, who have compelling evidence of product market fit, so with this, we'd like to understand your monthly active users, reoccurring revenues and the customers you've secured
What do you hope to achieve during your time at LDN_LAB? How does this fit into your strategic milestones?
Are you currently using any Facebook products, platforms, or API's to run your startup?
Who's in your team and what are their responsibilities?
What is your experience of working together?
What technical expertise do you have in your team?
Who in your team is committed to participating in LDN_LAB?
Please indicate whether all founders can take part in the programme.
Who in your team is planning to move into the LDN_LAB space for the duration on the programme?
We can fit up to 5 people per team.
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